Switching industries and peddler freights is one of the many strengths of this layout. Our club members have devoted a great deal of time and effort to insure plenty of great switching opportunities. There are two very large industries that provide generous opportunities for both inbound and departing commodities as well as in-plant switching. Other industries around the layout are valuable resources for traffic generation and destinations for freight during operating sessions.

The first of the two major industries is a large petroleum refinery common to Oklahoma. This plant has facilities for loading and unloading of liquid petrolium products as well as loading docks to handle other types of freight. Once completed, this facility will be one of the crown jewels of layout.

The other major facility is a large steel mill. With two blast furnaces, an aelectric oven, two rolling mills, huge coking plant, and transload facility, this behemoth generates plenty of traffic both in and out bound. It also has its own stable of dedicated switch engines for in-plant switching.

The coach yard requires plenty of attention to keep passenger trains moving on time. Dinner service, cleanout tracks, mail and REA shipments keep this facilty humming with the steady grind of sleek deisel locos pulling crack passenger trains as well as the slow local "Creeper" .

If flat switching is more to your liking, well we have that in abundance. A huge switch yard keeps trains rolling and is great fun.