Currently two levels are operational with a third level planned. The upper level track forms a continuous loop with a wye for navigating to and from the helix. The lower level does not have a continuous loop but does have a six track staging yard capable of holding long freight and passenger trains.

Layout Highlights

  • Large coach yard and Union station
  • Locomotive sevicing facility with turntable and transfer table
  • Steel mill complex
  • Oil and gas refinery complex
  • Double track mainline
  • Long passing sidings
  • Giant staging yard
  • Flat switching ladder freight yard
  • 38" radius curves on mainline
  • IR tetherless throttles
  • Wide isles
  • Industrial switching
  • Digitrax DCC

As well as many more features yet to be added. All mainline turnouts are wired for remote control with Tortoise slow-motion switch motors, while most other turnouts use standard ground throws.